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    Our friendly seasoned staff will be happy to assist you with all your beauty needs.

    Nail Code Waxing


    Vary from $6 to $55

    Our waxing of full body, brow, lip, chin, face, under arms and legs, is body friendly with mild temperature void of hurting effect. With industry experience, we provide your body with silky smooth looking result.

    Nail Code Gel Manicure

    Gel Manicure


    Our Gel manicure is an enhancement to give your nails utmost beauty. We build your nail with pure gel from the base, color to the top coat. We beautify your nail tips or appliqués with fast drying gels to give them super shining surface. Using fast drying the beautiful gel, we bind synthetic fingernails to your natural nails with color. Our spa, radiant and intense moisturizing manicure services are unique.

    Nail code Acrylic



    Our acrylic application is using liquid monomer and powder polymer to create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. Enjoy our service on schedule appointments to keep a healthy acrylic fill of any choice. We ensure that your acrylic fills will not grow out to avoid damages. By filing down acrylic a little as experts, we keep the naturally grown nail in shape before the addition of new layer on top of your nail.

    Nail Code gel fill

    Gel Fill


    We carry out repair and maintenance work on nails that have already been gelled. This service covers the removal, repositioning or working on the previously applied gel. With the best state-of-art tools to satisfy our clients, our gel fill service is hygienic and highly protective. With safety standards of service over the years, we guarantee clients satisfaction.

  • New Services

    Pure Organics Manicure & Pedicure. Blending key properties for natural health benefits.

    Eyelash Extensions Full Set

    Classic: $85 (reg.$120)

    Hybrid: $105 (reg.$150)

    Volume: $129 (reg.$185)

    Adds volume and fullness to your natural eyelashes. Enhances your eyes. Lifts the lashes to add depth to your face

    Collagen Gloves

    $45 Pedi / $25 Mani

    Enriched with collagen and argan oil, ultra nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to provide intense nourishing care. Argan oil blended with collagen and shea butter to help immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness. The gloves are made with dual layer biodegradable material which provides 99% UV / LED ray protection.

    Nail Code organic manicure & pedicure

    Lavender Blossom

    $40 Pedi / $25 Mani

    Calm and relaxes. Relieve stress and tension. Moisturizes dry skin with soothing benefits.

    Nail Code organic manicure & pedicure

    Citrus Orange

    $40 Pedi / $25 Mani

    Anti-aging. Soothes sensitive skin. Moisturizes and smooths tough, dry skin. Clears blemishes. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Nail Code organic manicure & pedicure

    Hawaiian Orchid

    $40 Pedi / $25 Mani

    Natural oils soothe and heal. Firms and lifts skin. Botanical fragrance refreshes and hydrates. Infuses vital moisture to renew any skin condition.

    Cucumber Splash

    $40 Pedi / $25 Mani

    Natural anti-inflammatory. Soothes sensitive skin. Refreshes tones and hydrates. Restores essential moisture.

    Green Tea & Acai

    $40 Pedi / $25 Mani

    Rich with antidioxidants. Reverses sun damage. Prevent signs of aging. Conditions and balances skin. Soothes stressed or irritated skin.

  • Team

    We are passionate about our career and have devoted over ten years to the industry.

    Nail Code owner Rosie

    Rosie Hong

    Founder / Stylist / Nail Technician

    I really enjoy what I do! I am excited to work at salon that shares the same passion that I do about the product. I have loved working at Nail Code since day one. I value the integrity and health of my client's nails.

    Nail Code owner Rosie

    Mai Mai

    Founder / Stylist / Nail Technician

    My passion in the beauty industry is nails. I love giving my clients a confidence boost, with beautiful nails or a relaxing pedicure.

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    We are beauty enhancement professionals with years of experience in waxing, pedicure, gel manicure and acrylic fill. To improve on the natural beauty of our clients, we provide natural and synthetic material components that meet their needs. We work with the best industry standard, using scientific and medical practice to offer safe and satisfactory services to clients.



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